• Ephesians 2:10
    "For we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them."

Give the Elders Some Respect

April 1 2020

There is a lot going on in the world these days. We are faced with a pandemic unlike anything we have ever seen in our life time. Many are starting to believe that this is the apocalypse. It is amazing to see over 150 countries affected by a virus that originated in Wuhan China. The United States now has over 100,000 cases of Covid-19.

The CDC has published guidelines for social distancing as well as the Federal and State Governments. The experts believe that if these guidelines are adhered to, we can stem the tide of new cases and ultimately reduce the number of deaths.

As people hear more about this infectious disease, they have become fearful and are going to the stores and stocking up on supplies. This over reaction has resulted in many stores not being able to maintain an adequate supply of necessities such as toilet tissue and household products. During times like this, people become self- preservationists. Their concern is for the protection of themselves and their families.

Several stores have become concerned about the elderly who cannot find what they need. Hence they have designated two days a week from 7-8 am for only seniors to shop. What a kind gesture to protect our older citizens. Since I fall into the category of seniors, I took advantage of the store hours this week. What surprised me as I shopped was the presence of people who obviously were not seniors. As I made my way to the checkout counter, I practiced social distancing so I kept my cart at an angle behind the person in front of me. When I advanced in the line, a person in his late twenties or early thirties had the audacity to ask me if I was already in line or did I jump in front of him. I politely told him how I was positioned and why he may have perceived an intrusion by me. Then I also politely said “…you look good for a 60 year old”. I was hoping to cause him to feel some level of shame for his invasion of the time reserved for seniors. He replied “yes I take care of myself” and smiled. Others in the line shook their head in disgust with this young man.

There was a time when people respected the elderly. And during times of crisis they are really protected. There will always be that one or two percent of the population who will not comply with any rules and that is disgraceful. If we truly love our neighbors as ourselves, this kind of behavior would not exist. Let’s learn to love one another sincerely and give respect to those who are in twilight of life. Remember God sees everything we do and we will give an account of the things we have done. Stay safe! This will soon be over and our lives will go back to normal. In the meanwhile, stay constant in prayer. God will get us through this.

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