• Ephesians 2:10
    "For we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them."

​His Creation Is Amazing

June 1 2020

His Creation Is Amazing

Inside a Snapple bottle cap I read the following, “Storm Clouds hold about 6 trillion raindrops”. I found that to be amazing. When I look at everything around us, I am in awe of God’s creative works. The trees had no seed to start their beginning. The foul of the air were not procreated and neither were the cattle, horses or any other animal. No seeds were planted to grow fruit. God spoke everything into existence and saw that it was good. Then He commanded everything to reproduce after its kind and it obeyed the authority of His word. What He set in motion thousands of years ago remains in place today.

The earth is rich with the resources we need for our very existence. Our God has supplied all of our need according to His riches in glory. There is no way we can deny the existence of God no matter how hard we try. As we look around and observe the mountains and valleys, we know that this was not the result of some big explosion and subsequent evolution.

The human body is wonderfully made. Have you considered that we have eyes that allow us to see and they adjust automatically to light and darkness. They are perfectly located on our faces so we have peripheral vision even though we may be looking straight ahead. Our ears can pick up the slightest of sound and we have a strong sense of smell. Our bodies contain several organs that are designed to function to help us stay alive and healthy. It is amazing that we have this excellence in human form and in all of creation. Who can deny the existence of this incredible God?

When you can’t think of anything to thank God for, look at yourself and then look at all of creation. I am convinced that your heart will be filled with thanksgiving for this wonderful God who has done what only He could do. Love your body and creation, but most of all, love the Creator who designed it all.

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