• Ephesians 2:10
    "For we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them."

I Felt the Ant Crawling on Me

October 1 2022

Psalm 139:14-16 is one of my favorites. In this Psalm and those verses, we are told we are wonderfully made and God’s work in making us is marvelous. Even though we may not be perfect in our looks, our shape or size, we are still wonderfully and marvelously made because God created us. Never let anyone tell you that you are unattractive. You are wonderfully made!!! And God sees His beauty in us.

Psalm 139 also tells us God saw us being fashioned in our mother’s womb. He saw the bones being developed, the hands and the feet coming into existence, the organs growing, the ligaments being attached and even the skin covering the body. How amazing it is that all of this happens.

I stand in awe of how we have been created. How can anyone question whether God made us or whether we evolved? When people walk, their arms automatically move in rhythm with the motion of their legs. It’s like poetry in motion. Their brains send messages to the arms and legs and movement occurs. The eyes provide the sight and the ears the hearing.

God equipped us with five senses; feel, smell, see, hear and taste. We typically feel with our hands, but sometimes we feel things on our bodies without our hands being the initiator. For example, if it is cold outside and windy, we can feel it on our bodies. If it rains, we can feel the dampness. These are noticeable conditions that occur often and not strange occurrences.

Recently, I was out playing golf. On this rare occasion (my story), I hit the ball into the woods. Rather than taking a stroke, I looked for my ball. We have a three-minute rule for ball searching. Unfortunately, I had to take a stroke and hit another ball. Later in the contest, I felt something crawling on my arm. I looked down but did not see anything. I stood there for a moment because I knew there was something on me. As I looked closer, it was a micro ant. It was about the size of a dot of an ink pen or a little larger than a period at the end of a sentence. I did not see it initially because it blended in with the color of my skin. Then suddenly, I saw it move across my arm like it had a destination in mind. I stood motionless to see where it was going and all I could think about was I feel this micro ant crawling on me. I was amazed! God we are wonderfully and marvelously made. Then of course I got rid of it.

God refers to ants in the Book of Proverbs 6:6. They may seem insignificant to us because of their size and lack of value to mankind. But he created them and used them to bring instruction to us. He asked us to study their ways. Obviously, we can learn something from them.

In this situation He used the ant to help me realize how wonderfully made I am. I know my body isn’t perfect in the eyes of everyone who sees me, but it is amazing in God’s eyes. Thank you, Lord, for making us and giving us the ability to feel even the smallest of things. You thought about everything we would need to survive in this world, and you gave it to us.

Everything God creates has a purpose. How great are you oh God!! We praise you for your goodness towards us!

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