• Ephesians 2:10
    "For we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them."

The Leading of the Holy Spirit

March 1 2023

As I was preparing to eat my favorite breakfast on Sunday, which consists of oatmeal, turkey bacon and an assortment of fresh fruit, I sat down and turned on the television to TBN to listen to Dr. Tony Evans. As usual, he delivered a powerful word that was transformational.

While listening to his message, I kept hearing an alarm go off. Initially I thought it was the microwave, so I went and opened and closed the door. Then it happened two more times. I was perplexed and started looking around the kitchen for what else might be causing the noise. Then I discovered it was the refrigerator. I had left the door slightly ajar.

Thank God for today’s technology. It alerts us so we can avoid minor and major losses. My car will alert me if I start to go off the road; when a car stops in front of me and I keep driving my same rate of speed approaching that vehicle, it slows down on its own and even when cars are in my blind spot, and I want to merge into another lane there is a trigger. I know these alerts have kept me from having car accidents. I am thankful for them.

Man has equipped vehicles with safety devices that prevent accidents and save lives. God has done an even greater work in us. He has given us His Holy Spirit who gives alerts and guides us every single day of our lives. His Spirit keeps us from going places that we need to steer clear of. He will speak to us in a quiet voice or give us a check in our spirit. His goal is to prevent us from certain actions, financial mishaps, relationships, hardships and disappointments in life. However, because God made us free will moral agents, He will not force us to do anything. He just warns us. If we don’t listen, the loss is our fault because we failed to take heed or obey Him.

God has spoken to me on a number of occasions. His wisdom has saved me from what could have been major disappointments. I continue to trust Him to lead me because I know He has my best interest at heart. He wants the best for me, and He has proven that over and over again. He knows what lies ahead and will provide every precautionary warning for us. We have to be open to hear His voice and turn from our own understanding.

God is good to us. He loves us so much He deposited His Spirit inside us to guide us. Let us turn loose from the wheel. He is the pilot and not the copilot. Allow Him to drive and don’t become the other driver in the passenger seat. He does not need our help.

Father, we thank you for your generous love towards us and your gift of the Holy Spirit. For without His guidance, we’d be lost.

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