• Ephesians 2:10
    "For we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them."

Pay Close Attention to The Details

February 1 2019

Pay Close Attention to The Details

I had to change some light bulbs in my landscape lights recently. I went to the hardware store and purchased the replacement bulbs. I removed the old bulb and as soon as I replaced it, it failed. I assumed I had a bad bulb, so I tried again with a new one and the same thing happened. Both new bulbs were blown immediately. I started to assume the worse. Maybe there was a shortage in the wiring and I needed an electrician to come and diagnose and repair my problem.

I decided to start with the least expensive approach first. I went back to the hardware store and bought new replacement bulbs. I went through the process of replacing the bulbs, but this time I got a different result. The bulbs worked.

I still wondered why the first set of bulbs failed so I compared the packaging. They were both 50 watts, but what I noticed was that one label said, use only for 120 watts while the other one said use only for 12 Watts. There was my difference. What a great discovery. Why didn’t I notice this warning from the very beginning when I made the purchase? When I went back to the store, I still did not buy them based on the label. I had never done that before and always good success. Fortunately for me, I selected the right ones the second time around and they worked.

I believe something similar could happen when we attempt to apply God’s Word to our lives. Many times, we read, but are not paying attention to the details and therefore, we are not getting the desired results. We need to make sure we understand the exact meaning of the Scripture and if it is applicable to the situation we want changed. If we don’t, our situation does not change, and we think God’s Word has failed us. His Word never fails us and never returns empty. It is our application that fails.

It is outstanding that we have the confidence in God’s Word and trust that it will make a difference in our lives. However, the next time we are faced with a challenge or want to change something in our life, let’s make sure we pay attention to the detail of His Word. Let’s get it right the first time and avoid unnecessary disappointment and anxiety.

Father, we thank you that your Spirit will lead us into all truth. Illuminate our understanding and thank you for the good success!!

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