• Ephesians 2:10
    "For we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them."

She Had Beautiful Eyes

May 1 2019

It seems to be our nature to quickly join in with the crowd and the popular opinion. This sometimes keeps us from seeing the truth or the beauty in something because of unconscious bias. And unconscious bias is a real issue for most of us.

When we were young, there was this young girl who lived in our community and attended the same school as we did and the same community church as many of the residents. We all played together, laughed, and had fun. When we got to school, we got with our cliques and our friends at home were not necessarily our friends at school. Especially when it came to the girls. Whoever the de facto leader decided to have fun with that day, that’s who got it. When I say have fun with, I mean whoever they decided to pick on that day, they were doomed.

On this particular day, this young girl who we all knew was the brunt of the attacks. She had huge bulging eyes and we all knew that about her, but no one really said anything. She was our friend. At least in the community, but not at school. The comment was made about her ability to see any and everything because her eyes were so large. She could even look through walls and nothing got by her because she had great peripheral vision due to the extension of her eyes. Everyone laughed at the jokes as more comments were made and stories were fabricated about her super vision. A teacher walked up and commented on the beauty of the young girl’s eyes. She talked about how big and beautiful they were and went on and on about their color. They did have a very pretty color. When this comment was made, no one said a word. There was complete silence. I think everyone felt embarrassed. I don’t believe the teacher heard the jokes. She was just making an observation. What it did for us was make us pause and take note of what we had never noticed before. Her eyes were in fact beautiful. Yes they were large, but that did not take away from their beauty. What took away from their beauty was our unconscious bias. Since her eyes were different from ours, we assumed something had to be wrong with them. I think we were all awakened that day to being open to people who didn’t look exactly like us.

God has made each one of us different, but different isn’t necessarily bad. The world would be a very boring place if we all looked the same, talked the same and had the same exact thoughts and ideas? There would be no diversity of thought and a total lack of creativity.

Thank God for variation that He has placed in the world and the beauty that comes along with it. How great is our God!!

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